Express yourself.

Creativity is the soul. The expression of the soul is unique to each. Creativity is that expression. Finding one's own creativity is akin to acheieving spiritual liberation. This is what creativity means to me. Whether it be through prose, poetry, creative writing, photography, sport, dancing or even just the crazy way I interact with people, it is a part of my all encompassing creativity. It is the rich texture of life

Thursday, September 9, 2010

To Live

After life
before the after-life
there is life

There are elements
units of freedom
beyond science and ill metaphors
where imagery deteriorates

Clutch, grasp
make real this imaginary
grant me this

lest I enter spaces
where the unreal is life
where the lifeless precedes
the afterlife

Life begins
after life

before the after-life
there is life

Peace means love
Nappy Head