Express yourself.

Creativity is the soul. The expression of the soul is unique to each. Creativity is that expression. Finding one's own creativity is akin to acheieving spiritual liberation. This is what creativity means to me. Whether it be through prose, poetry, creative writing, photography, sport, dancing or even just the crazy way I interact with people, it is a part of my all encompassing creativity. It is the rich texture of life

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Friday, December 10, 2010


Smiling under an awning in a light summer drizzle, his hand reaches searches for her fingertips. The silence breathing warmth into their hearts.

Peace means love
Nappy Head

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Inconclusive - all over the place - i know - i don't know - bloody matrix

It is bitter sweet I tell you. It is nothing more than a mere cliché. I mean. I sit in the bath, I excercise, I read... I think. As I think, I analyse and criticise. The conclusion I attend to to on a regular basis is always improbable. It is improbable because I cannot commit myself to the intellectual betterment of others. I cannot picture myself seriously leading a generation to intellectual enlightenment. At the same time, I see energetic souls committed to change, yet their vision is cloudy. It is cloudy because they do  not possess the tools the view the entire system and above all else, they lack the tools to mobilise the sleeping giant. This sleeping giant is none other than the great national consciousness that has been denied to a great many. It is the willingness to think for themselves and for their neighbours. It is an awareness of leaders that are meant to lead through consultation and representation and not dictate legislation and conduct on behalf the national population.

The leaders, as they are called, are in a position that is embroiled in a seperatist discourse - in all industries - that allow them to create and perpetuate this distortion of leadership. They are able to live above the 'nation' and deny the 'true nation' its capacity to both think independantly for the betterment of themselves. Instead, resources that would allow the nation to contribute to the governing discourses are kept very far away from nation -actively. In this scenario it becomes easier of the leaders to communicate on behalf of and for the masses to the masses. The leaders can therefore stand in-between direct development and the nation. They can therefore enjoy the victorious spoils of war and bathe in opulence regularly while the nation toils and suffers.There are at the least, two nations that I am aware of. The first is the nation divided. This divided nation consists of the leadership, that have extracted themselves from the everyday and claimed elitst positions, and the masses that remain intellectually disadvantaged. In this nation, the elitists know that the basic intellectual development of the masses must remain at a bare minimum. Should it remain at the bare minimum, the positions of the elitists would remain largely unthreatened. Without knowledge and intellectual growth, there can be no real challenge especially when considering the barriers of higher discourse. Shunned out of development and discourse, a well communicated and co-ordinated movement that sparks national awareness and discourse becomes largely improbable. The second nation that I am aware of is that of the the 'people'. The 'people' do not subscribe to leadership that exists beyond the people. This leadership remains of the people and for the people. The leaders therefore do not become seperated from the masses and do not engage in nationalist discourse. The problem with this nation is that it is laregly imaginative. This is where the cliché takes formation. There is a history of critique and discontent followed by a proclamations of ideological nation states and perspectives, yet I have never read or heard of concrete examples where they are rooted in the real. Are we destined to preach to the choir? How sweet the idea, how bitter the reality.

To make a difference in aything is to commit your life to a cause. Any memorable difference I mean. One can cause a paradigm shift and be pushed to the margins of history. One would therefore have contributed to a cause that resides beyond oneself. That is the truest comitment to a cause. To inject change, to be the catalyst and encourage change as it must. When one tries to commit to a change and wholehearedly shape the change and conrtol it so as to shape the minds that spawn from it to ones liking, one is creating a school of thought. As such, one will be the head of this school of thought. That must be the ultimate ego boost, to develop a school of thought that becomes the voice of a generation. That is a comitment, but not to change. It is a comitment to ones own endeavour. Yet there are advantages to that regarding change just as much as there are disadvantages. We are constantly charged with choosing between ideology and reality.

We are selfish, ahaha. We are. I sit in the bath, I excercise, I read... I think. Freak maybe I should just stop. This is just the begining. This is the shallow version. Believe you me.

It gets "deeper than rap". This is not just a rap.

Peace means love
Nappy Head

Friday, December 3, 2010

"Can We Get much Higher?"

Can we really? Is there more to this that what we feel. Is there more to all of this that what we do. Is there now a place within ourselves that we can claim untouched?

We feed a system that sees nothing other that statistics. We a re statistics. We feed the system. We bring it into existence. We have in our conquests to attain higher heights. My highest height, I'd like to believe, belongs outside of the system. My humanity is not to be traded. My perspective is not to be merely shaken, infiltrated and converted. My existence cannot be consumed.

Nay. We must learn to live again. Do you not see that we all need a reawakening? What the society needs is a main ingredient and a catalyst for freedom. For too long we have been conditioned and moulded into productive units that see value only in our contributions to the system. I can only laugh at the height of this frustration. The one thing that you have, that cannot be taken from you is your experience. The system knows this. The system therefore tries to control this experience through multiple avenues. The most notable being the anti-consciousness factory - aka the education system. People are groomed to doom.

My highest height... My highest height lies parallel to yours. I have not reached another plateau. There is no plateau to reach. I have found out how to live. I do not know all there is to it, but I have found life. Peoples. The veil is real. It is no longer an abstract concept. It is no longer theory. It is no longer that which is spoken of in circles of the enlightened. Nay I tell you. It is real in your life. It is real in the lives of a great many. Because it extends past your field of vision you fail to see it and come to ignore it. Life is real. Stop dreaming.

The system is feeding you the poisons of anti-consciousness. Stop eating that shite.

Peace means love
Nappy Head